Monday, November 10, 2014

Weekend | In the 919

The "919" is the Raleigh area code & if you are from there then you know that the 919 is kind of a big deal. Most of my weekend was spent with family in Raleigh, but first my weekend started out in Charlotte. 

Friday night I babysat for these two cuties! They are both huge Panthers fans & we always have a great time together. We watched Elf {getting in the Christmas spirit} and played Battle Ship. I am looking forward to their Elf on the Shelf, Noddy, making his appearance soon!
T & H, can you tell they love the Panthers?
After they sank 2 ships we decided that meant they WON!
Saturday morning I woke up SUPER early and my brother {Alex} drove us to Raleigh. We spent the morning hanging out and took a trip to KROGER {my favorite Grocery store} and ran into Planter's Mr. Nut. Planter's was promoting their new Salted Caramel Peanuts and ya'll these were amazing. They are perfectly seasoned and I can see these replacing Honey Roasted Peanuts. 

Me & Alex with Mr. Nut
We spent the afternoon hanging out, enjoying the beautiful sunshine, and building a fire in the fire pit.
Cricket, enjoying the sunshine.PS look at the shadow of Cricket, it cracks me up!
Homemade Pumpkin Pie 
Alex with the huge fire

Roasting marshmallows

 S'mores ingredients & finished product 

Jack and I met some friends {Katie and Chris} at Tazza Kitchen on Sunday for brunch. The coffee was amazing & Jack's French Toast was to die for. After brunch we met up with my family+grandpa+cousin to watch Jeff Dunham's {the Ventriloquist} Disorderly Conduct Tour. It was absolutely hilarious. Achmed the dead terrorist was my favorite character and at the end of the show audience members were able to ask Achmed a question. My favorite jokes were the ones asking Achmed about praying, where he answered "I don't know why by my neighbor prays 30 times a day for those Panthers." Which was hillarious because the Panthers have not been playing well lately. 

When Jeff would ask Achmed the questions he would say "Jane Said Dear Achmed"... and so on. Someone was trying to catch Jeff off guard and wrote in their name as Filma Cracken so when Jeff read it sounded like "Fill My Crack In" which was hillarious because Achmed is a skeleton. 

After the show I drove back to Charlotte and enjoyed watching Scandal.