Meet Elise

Hi! I'm Elise!
It's so nice to meet you!


I'm a young twenty-something, living in the south, who loves to travel, meet new people, be outdoors, and just enjoy life--- LIFE which is something that is so much more fun doing with others than alone. I currently live in Charlotte, NC and will call it my home, at least for now. I am a self-proclaimed frugalista*, I love finding spare change, & my friends would say I am the life of the party and a road warrior—traveling almost every weekend.

2007 | I graduated high school and headed off for a summer program, Summer Preview, at Appalachian State University. I joined the sorority Chi Omega and enjoyed watching football games, especially beating Michigan {my bestie attended UofM} and winning the Division 1-AA Football Championship for the 3rd year in a row.

2008 | I worked my summer as a lifeguard {I never had normal teenager jobs until this} and spent the summer enjoying being outdoors and spending time with friends. Back at college, I moved into the APH and got to share the “quad” room with 3 other friends. I applied to be in the Walker College of Business School and in my sorority I was elected to be the treasurer & I was super excited to be on the executive board.

2009 | Early in 2009 at 
ASU I met Jack and my life has changed ever since. Although we have been together for a while now and we live in two different cities, we make it work. We both are doing what we love & see each other hopefully 50 of the 52 weekends a year. I spent the summer {getting my wisdom teeth pulled} and working as a leader for a program at Appalachian, MGSI, where we traveled to Washington D.C. and New York. When I got back to school I moved into the 394 House with 4 of my friends.

Quick Favorites
Place | It’s not the place that makes the memories; it’s the people you're with.
Food | Coconut Shrimp, Mashed Potatoes, and Watermelon 
Drink | H2O or any flavored sparkling water
Color | Green
Music | Country- especially in the summer, and I am a HUGE Taylor Swift fan
Nicknames | ETB, Lissy, ET Phone home, E.Ben, ET, leash
Shopping | Target, Old Navy, Nordstrom's Rack... pretty much anywhere that I can get a great deal, find a SALE, or use a coupon :)
Show | Currently craving SCANDAL {and so thankful that season 4 is now on NETFLIX}
Movie | I am not a huge movie person, but I have recently enjoyed Captain Phillips & Saving Mr. Banks. I could probably watch those two over and over again.

Join me in the crazy journey called life!

*** A Frugalista is passionate about living frugally. They try to lover their expenses as much as possible because it's FUN. They enjoy learning new frugal skills and finding a great deal. Researching the sales and clipping coupons are like a scavenger hunt. Shopping a garage sale is as much fun as visiting an upscale boutique. Do-it-yourself projects and finding new uses for old items spark the creative juices within them. Frugalistas might have other reasons for being passionately frugal, such as being able to stay home to raise the kids or getting out of debt. The difference is that they really enjoy it along the way. Frugalistas find that living within or below their means can be just as enjoyable as living high on the hog. The amount of money they spend is not related to the amount of satisfaction they have in life. They often find, in fact, that living on less makes their lives all the better.