Monday, November 17, 2014

OCC | Inside the Box

EKKkkk! I am so excited to share with you today tonight (in this super late post) what is inside my Operation Christmas Child box. I have been waiting all weekend until tonight when I got together with some girlfriends to stuff our boxes after our Supper-club. we decided that in total we would make 2 boxes for girls and 2 boxes for boys. I created a box for a 5-9 year old boy. 

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First: Toys!
Beyblades (2) this way the boy can play with his friends. Pick up sticks-- an old favorite of mine when I was small, a crab stuffed animal that can also be used like a loofah & Matchbox cars.
Second: Essentials
I know that this child will likely not have the same dental access that I have and so I included a regular sized tooth paste & 4 tooth brushes. I believe that brushing your teeth is one of the most important hygiene routines. I also have a Scooby Doo washcloth and a loofah + some socks. I just not realize that I forgot a bar of soap. I will make sure to add that before delivery.

Third: School Supplies
I enjoy being organized & having tons of supplies. I chose an Iron Man activity book + coloring pencils + crayons and a Spiderman pencil pouch to store all writing instruments. Also included are a jumbo Avengers pen, writing tablet, Cars pencils + erasers, and a Mickey & Friends dry erase board.

Fourth: Sweets
I tried not to include too many sweets, but I had to throw in a few. The Yoohoo singles are perfect and you add them to water. I also included Smarties. When I was in middle school before any test or quiz of my teachers would hand out Smarties to calm her class. I had pretty much forgotten about these gems until I saw them at Dollar Tree & I knew they would be perfect for my box. 

Fifth: Finished Product + the Letter
In my letter I wrote about how blessed the child who receives this box is and a little about myself. My hope for this child is that they see how much God loves them and that they can grow in their own relationship with him. I hope that this will also brighten their day & that they will be happy knowing someone somewhere cares so much for them.

I have to admit, but it was extremely hard to fit cram so many goodies into such a small space. It made me even more humbled for how extremely blessed I am in my life & how much giving something so small as a shoe box can change a child's life.
After being dropped off, it should take approximately a week for the box to get to the child. I am going to pray that this box arrives safely to a healthy and loved child. That they would know that someone cares about them and that whatever situation they may be in can be brightened from a stranger. I encourage you to pray along with me for all of the children who will be receiving boxes over the next few weeks.

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