Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Smart Spending | Workout Gear

I would not call working out one of my favorite activities, but it is something necessary to help me keep in shape and stay healthy. I have been going to LifeTime Fitness consistently for almost a year. Yippie!!

One thing that encourages me to go to the gym is that I have cute workout gear. Now that I am a "regular" I see typically two types of women in the gym: the throw on the old t-shirt and shorts probably with holes, and the perfect make-up/ hair duo rocking the matching break the bank outfit. 

My look: something between.

For me when it comes to fitness gear, I like to have a balance: Splurge & Save items. This helps me spend my money wisely and focus on the items that offer a reason for the expensive price tag.

Splurge: Leggings/ Yoga Pants
I think that most gals would agree that extremely expensive pants are almost always worth it. Think Lululemon Wunder Under Pant ($82- $92). Think of these as an investment, you are and should wash these pups a ton, and nobody wants to have them lose their shape or compromise the materials. I have a few pairs of these babies & I do not think that I will ever go back. I have never had an issue with them stretching out or rolling down even during a workout!

Save: Shorts
I hardly ever wear shorts when working out, but when I do I am not running a marathon or cycling. For this reason there is really not a reason to pay a bunch for shorts. I have a few Nike pairs ($20). Sometimes you can even find great shorts at TJMaxx or Marshall's.

Splurge: Sports Bra
Unsupportive, ill-fitting, and uncomfortable bra is also pretty bad for you (enter premature sagging). Please do yourself a favor and spend some mulah. I have a few items from Nordstroms Zella brand which are stylish, supportive, and come in a variety of colors.

Save: Top
Stop by any store and what are you likely to find an Athletic Gear section. Workout clothes have become ultra popular not only for working out, but also as leisure wear. Forever 21 has a great selection that is surprisingly stylish and inexpensive. This workout top ($12) has unique faux leather side panels & we all know leather makes everything better.

Splurge: Tennis Shoes
If you only can splurge on one item of your workout outfit please make it your tennis shoes. Your feet, knee, and hips will be thanking you for doing a little extra for them. Remember you only have a pair of each and they can make you out of commission if not properly taken care of. has a great selection of shoes for any type of workout + they have wonderful customer experience. Lately I have had my eye on these Asics (normally i'm a Nike girl though).

Save: Workout Bag
The workout bag itself offers only something to carry all of the above mentioned items. It does not need to be something fancy or expensive. Shamelessly I use my reusable Lululemon bag to carry all of my stuff in + the nice thing is when its wearing out I can toss it out and not feel like I have wasted any money. If you don't want to be such a scrooge, American Apparel offers this bag in a multitude of colors, its only $24, and I could get if monogrammed!

Save: Socks
Hopefully you are like me and rotate in and out socks on a regular basis and are NOT hanging on to them for years. Socks wear out easily, get holes, dirty, stinky, and all the above. Use, Reuse, and Replace is the motto. I am lucky enough to visit the Renfro Sock Outlet in Mt Airy, NC but if you are not in NC, you can pick up good quality inexpensive socks at Target.