Monday, January 19, 2015

Weekend | Surprises and Goodbyes

This weekend was jam pack full of fun and exciting activities. Friday evening Jack and I made a last minute decision to head Uptown for dinner at Fahrenheit during Queen's Feast: Charlotte Restaurant Week. Luckily we were able to long onto    for online reservations while parked and there was an 8:45pm spot open. SCORE! The food was amazing, the views even better, and having our friends join us towards the end was icing on the cake.
Rooftop Views + Wine + Fire

Saturday my parents came to Charlotte to drop off some furniture and hang out for the day. My dad and I ran errands all over town; the best being getting gas at Costco for $1.73 a gallon!!! I never thought I would see the day gas was so inexpensive—can you believe it?

That evening was a surprise going away party for my friend, Chris, at Dandelion Market. I wish I would have taken a picture when she saw so many of her friends all in one place, a perfect surprise! Chris, I am going to miss you dearly, but my boots are packed and i'm coming to visit you in Nashville soon!!
Some of the gals before Chris arrived
Me & Lyndsey bittersweet goodbyes Saturday evening-- miss you already and see you in PR soon :)

Sunday was your typical Sunday: Church, late lunch a Portofino’s, laundry, and FOOTBALL! Can't wait to see the Seahawks take on the Patriots in the Super Bowl XLIX in a few weeks! 

Happy MLK Day even if you are working (I am too!).