Thursday, January 22, 2015

Update | Sweet Free 30 Day Challenge

Wow—let me apologize—I have not updated anyone via A Frayed Knot on how my challenge is going. Oops! To be honest, Sweet Free really incorporated itself into my lifestyle easily—though the first week was REALLY tough {thanks to the ever abundant candy, cakes, donuts, and cookies always around my desk}.

Onto the Challenge:
The challenge has been going as best as it possibly can. I have been eating even more fruits and veggies (I know-- hard to imagine because I really love them so much, seriously I do!) and I have cut down to almost ZERO sugars in foods OR cakes/cookies/desserts! Wahoo!

I will fess up and say that I have eaten: a piece of cheesecake (1/9/15) for Eve's birthday celebration, some chocolate fondue at Erin's for "The Bachelor" (1/12/15), a piece of bread crumble cake (1/16/15) at Fahrenheit, and just had and ice cream/brownie/caramel combination last night (1/21/15) at 300 East with my girlfriends. So 4 sweets in 18 days is where I'm at-- hints the" best as it possibly can part". 
300 East dessert-- ohhh such a yummy treat!
Although I have eaten sugar a few times, I can see a noticeable difference in my skin and my energy. My skin looks so pretty, smooth and “glowing” --- a stranger came up and told me so at a party I was working- what a confidence boost!

Not eating sugar started as a challenge. Even though I am not finished with the 30 days, nor did I make it completely without sugar, I am now making a lifestyle change {which coincidentally was why I wanted to challenge myself in the first place} . Yes it’s tough in the beginning but now I don't crave the sugar {+ obviously my body does not need it}.

I challenge you to try not eating sugar. If that is too hard try not eating sweets. See how your body changes and reacts without sugar, but don't forget to reward yourself every now and then. Believe you me you will be so happy you did.