Friday, January 23, 2015

Five on Friday | 1.23.15

ONE | Seahawks vs. Packers
Sunday, the Green Bay Packers (22) lost a hard fought battle to the Seattle Seahawks (28).  Jack and I watched the game with a group of friends and one of them is a die-hard packers fan. With about 5 minutes left to go in the game and the Packers were up by 12 points. We were all giving our friend a hard time because there was about a 13% chance {via online stats} that the Packers would lose. Well the Packers did end up losing. For a minute by minute breakdown of what went wrong check here.
Our friend the entire last quarter of the game + his quote

TWO | Sweet Free 30 Day Challenge
Yesterday I updated everyone on my challenge. If you missed out, you can find it here.

THREE | Shake It Off
I must admit that I listen to T. Swift almost all day, every day. Listening and sometimes singing along puts me in a better mood. Lately, Shake If Off has been playing on repeat. #obsessed

My friends and I just booked our trip to BHI for a nice long relaxing weekend in May and I cannot wait!! Hello spring/summer!

FIVE | 919
This weekend I am heading back to Raleigh, NC to celebrate my dad’s birthday. I am excited to spend some quality time with my dad and relax after this long week.

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