Monday, January 26, 2015

Weekend | Raleigh Times

This weekend in Raleigh…

Alex {my brother} and I listened to the podcast, Start-Up, the entire way to and from Raleigh. Although we are still not finished listening, we are hooked & we think you should be too. Check it out!

On Saturday we had dinner with my grandparents. Being able to spend time with them is something that I love!! I enjoy the stories that they share and always learn something new.  Grandpa shared a joke about Bill Gates talking to Steve Jobs (who was up in heaven). It was hilarious!
Alex & Grandpa on Youtube | Grandma & Me | Dad & Mom
Both Saturday and Sunday we had brunch at home. Family + fruit + scrambled eggs = one happy girl.

Sunday I came down with a horrible cold/cough/lost voice. NOT FUN. Now, I have meds and hopefully will be back to 100% soon. While at the doc’s they made me wear this embarrassing mask. My dad’s reaction: “Very nice. Bird Flu?” hahaha thankfully no!
wearing the super cute mask
The weekend was nice and relaxing and I was not ready to leave. I am also helping my grandpa locate an old friend so they can catch up. I got this email from him last night. I love you too gpa! 

So blessed my 94 yr old grandpa can use technology-- very well! 
My dad’s birthday is tomorrow & coincidentally my Uncle Gary’s is the same day—be looking for a post tomorrow!