Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Weekend || My iPhone CAN’T swim

This weekend I stayed in Charlotte for a girls weekend, which was super fun. Here’s a peak into my weekend:

Friday- a relaxing evening full of Netflix: Scandal season 4 & chipotle with Sara.

Saturday- Coffee with the girls, we went uptown to 7th Street Market to grab a coffee at Not Just Coffee, a place I had never been. I must admit that I am not a coffee connoisseur and normally order a simple brewed coffee. This morning at this fancy coffee shop, I decided to get a macchiato, figuring it would be just a step up from the normal. I was pretty disappointed  when after waiting 10 mins for my coffee that when it came out it was a “fancy” version of espresso in a tiny cup that looked like it would be served at a 5 year olds tea party. Needless to say, maybe I should do my research next time.

I also stopped at the Viva Raw Juice Bar and picked up the Turmeric Almond Milk and I could not put it down.  Although juices are expensive, they are a meal within themselves and my milk filled me up!

For the afternoon I headed out to the pool to catch some rays before getting ready for TIM MCGRAW!!! The concert was soooooo good, although it was HOTT until the sun went down. Per the usual Tim put on a great concert, played many of his old & new hits, and the crowd was on their feet the entire time.

Sunday- Started off really early. I have been eating clean and changing my life style through Tone It Up, but last night I had a few drinks & also ate a hot-dog, definitely NOT on the TIU Nutrition Program. At 4:30 am I woke with the worst stomach ache and I could not fall back to sleep, hello Netflix…again. I ended up watching almost 3 episodes of Scandal and then was back to bed around 6:15 am.

At 11am I attended a free Xtend Barre: Charlotte class held in Athleta at South Park mall. The class was tough and my body was feeling the burn after the first 15 mins. After class I did a little shopping & then it was time to head home & get back out to the pool.

I made iced coffee, blew up a float, and started re-reading the book Lean In. It was a glorious day outside, not too hot & not to cold. I had my phone & my towel on the edge of the pool & read for about an hour until I decided to respond to my texts and then it happened. I put my phone down, it slipped off my towel right into the water. MY “new to me” iPhone5 that I had only had for a few months was in the pool. I grabbed it out & ran inside dripping wet to put it in rice with fingers crossed that it would eventually work again.

Since life is life and accidents happen, I didn’t let the phone issue bother me too much that night. I went to Trader Joe’s to gather ingredients for a Sunday meal-prep evening. I made berry bliss bars, protein snack balls, and quinoa pasta salad. I also used Sara’s new spiralizer to make zucchini noodles for a “spaghetti dinner”.

The night was filled with watching… you guessed it- SCANDAL--- and I still have a few more episodes left!

Overall the weekend was a great one--despite the phone accident-- phones can't swim. Here's to getting a LifeProof case for my next one!

What show are you watching on Netflix? Ever dropped your phone in the pool? Did it still work? 

P.S. my phone is still working—the screen has horizontal lines ever so faint across it—we will see how long that lasts.