Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Fitness || My Life

Truth be told, I was blessed with a good metabolism and pretty fit build my entire life. I was active & never really had to work out to get that flat tummy or needed to lose a few pounds. In high school I remember being overwhelmingly hungry all the time. Literally I would buy a meal out for lunch & eat my entire packed lunch too…. fatty & owning it. I pushed it off that I was an active teenager, playing soccer, swimming, running, and that my body needed the extra energy. I never saw that my body was gaining any weight and since I never had to pay attention to my weight before, I went along with my life as usual.

Early Years. 2007-2008 (why did I cut my hair so short ?!?)
In college, especially freshmen year, I gained a few pounds, but nothing major. Life continued, I grew out of clothes {just like normal} and then grew back into those same old clothes. In between my junior and senior year, Jack and I were interning & we decided to have a pool party/cook out with some friends. I needed a suit and ran to Target to grab a new one. I will never forget the feeling when the medium bottom was too tight on me and I had to get a size Large. LARGE, are you kidding me, I had never dealt with in all my years! I was really upset and embarrassed and Jack convinced me to buy it and not to worry saying “they size their stuff wrong anyways.” Side note: There is NOTHING wrong with a size large- it was for me something that I was not used to and when I noticed a change within myself.

During the fall of 2010 something happened one morning that I will not forget. Some weekends we would wake up early Monday mornings and drive from Jack’s parents’ home town we were visiting back to Boone for our 9:30am classes. On this particular morning I was exhausted, like had to take a nap in the car on the way back to school exhausted. When we arrived, I was still tried & decided to sleep instead of going to class. I was tired like this for a good 2 or 3 days, when finally I decided to go to the infirmary. After multiple tests, trips back home to my actual doctor, they determined that I had Hypothyroidism, which thankfully was not something worse.

Hypothyroidism (under-active thyroid) is a condition in which you thyroid gland does not produce enough of certain important hormones.  My body was not producing the hormones that run my body’s metabolism and simply put, my body was hungry, but could not process the foods fast enough I was feeding it {why I was eating 2 lunches at a time}. The cure: I would need to take a pill every day to regulate my thyroid.

Fast forward a few years, I have lost some weight, and started regularly going to the gym. I realized that yes my thyroid needed help, but that I also needed to actually pay attention to my health/body.  Part one of this journey: I joined Life Time Fitness and have been going regularly for the past year and a half in addition to an occasional bar class.  I have been really happy with the way I look and feel, have gained muscle along the way and know that I am stronger that I ever have been, but I have not changed the way that I eat… which is Part 2!

Starting Monday, July 6th, I am starting Tone It Up (TIU) with the Bikini Series program, and I am super excited. Not only will TIU be a good workout and nutrition program, but ultimately it is a life style change. Work out, Eat Right, and learn some more on how/what to cook.  Between today and Monday I am trying out a few of the recipes and preparing myself for the journey ahead.
 Stop by tomorrow for more on Tone It Up!

First TIU day trying out new recipes and workouts!!