Thursday, July 30, 2015

Snowshoe Summer Trip

After Rob's mountain weekend, Jack was ready to go back to the mountains the next weekend. Spur of the moment we invited two of our friends, Ben and Christina, up to Snowshoe Mountain for a weekend getaway. We arrived in the wee hours of the morning {1:30 am!} on Saturday due to getting a late start & then me losing the keys to our place, whoops! On our way up the mountain we saw lots of wildlife. At one point we saw a black bear cub cross the road right in front of us, which was truly amazing to see a bear in the wild.

While “planning” the trip, I knew that there was a mountain bike event going on during the weekend and Snowshoe would be packed, which it was. There were people, tents, bikes, and mud everywhere, which only meant that there was going to be plenty for the 4 of us to do and watch.

Saturday morning we woke from our slumber and started off the day with morning coffee & breakfast. I enjoyed feeling the crisp mountain air and the glorious sun on my skin. Since it was so pretty, we started off our adventuring with a trip on the ski lift to the bottom of the mountain to see what activities Shaver’s Lake had to offer. Although we could have gone swimming, the water was pretty chilly so we opted to do stand-up paddle boarding. We also were horrible played some disc golf.

Planning ahead, we had packed our lunch + some wine, we decided to take a hike up a freshly cut trail that a Yoga instructor told us about. The Eight Rivers Yoga trail went through the woods, up and down the mountain and we ended up at a spot with a beautiful view of the Greenbrier river area.  On our hike we saw a deer just sitting in the brush under a tree cooling off, and it was likely the closest I have ever been to a deer in the wild. The boys climbed in the trees and we simply enjoyed the serene and views. On our hike back I found a really cool rock that looked like NC and I brought it back to use as d├ęcor somewhere in my place.

It was about 3pm and we were tired from the hike and wanted to see some of the mountain biking events. We rode the lift for Western Territory three times {even though everyone but me wanted to get off after the second trip} and enjoyed seeing and cheering on the bikers as we past. Next it was pool time followed by dinner at Sunset Cantina. While waiting in line we took some pictures and were entertained with Magic Card tricks. We can all honestly say that these were some of the best magic card tricks we have ever seen. My mind is still blown away with the tricks Mr. Ellis showed us and I hope to see him again the next time we go up to snowshoe.

Sunday morning we repeated our coffee + breakfast routine followed by the pool. After packing it was time to head down the mountain. Our weekend was perfect. Pure Bliss and I cannot wait to repeat it again soon.

ps. sorry for  the lack of pictures, I only took 1 photo the entire time we where there, so these are from Jack's iPhone