Monday, May 11, 2015

Weekend || Amanda’s Bachelorette Party – Wilmington, NC

What I loved about my weekend…

Celebrating my dear friend Amanda before she gets hitched #finallyAChandler

Wrightsville beach waves

Tropical Storm Ana for not raining on our parade

Germany and Asheville #America

Port City Java + healthy harvest muffins

Exploring downtown Wilmington & views on the river walk

Wigging out. Purple hair + purple tulips

Level 5, the best rooftop bar in Wilmington being located in our building

Also… a very special Mother’s Day to the one who knows me best, is always there for a phone call, a pick me up, and enjoys my love of Thai and coconut shrimp. Loving lately getting all of the snail mail you send my way. You are simply the best!! xoxo 

How was your weekend?!?