Monday, March 30, 2015

Weekending | 3.29 Alex's Birthday

my weekend... 

This weekend I went to Raleigh to hang out with my family + Jack and to celebrate Alex's 24th birthday {pics are on my parents camera). I had just gotten back earlier in the week (3/24) from my amazing trip to Puerto Rico {will have more on the blog later this week} and I was excited to share about my travels with my family. 

what I loved about my weekend: FOOD

Making chicken {the way Lyndsey did down in PR} for my parents. #iCanCook

Sushi Date Night at Mura

Family Time + working on the layout of my parents new house

New Necklaces.

Ben and Jerry's The Tonight Dough. Simply Amazing.

NCAA Tournament: I had Duke, like most, in the Final Four, BUT I also had Michigan State... I think I might be the only one who did!!

The Podcast: Serial.

Watching Alex eat his 1.6 lb T Bone steak Jack and I got him for his birthday #brolovesfood


How was your weekend?