Friday, April 17, 2015

Five on Friday || Finally Friday!!


One of my best friends, Alyssa, and her boyfriend, Sam, are visiting this weekend from Michigan. I am looking forward to a fun filled weekend with them + Jack. Tonight we are going to Science on the Rocks: Geek Out, Freak Out.
If you didn’t see my post on Instagram, you missed out on these awesome coasters that my brother gave me for my birthday. They are one of a kind and I have loved using them at work and home.

THREE|Wedding Season
This past weekend kicked off Wedding Season for Jack and me. We celebrated The Hargrave’s and had a wonderful time in Mount Airy.
A close friend of mine sent our group text this picture and it perfectly describes my week. #itsclassy

FIVE|Pound Cake
Over the weekend I celebrated my birthday with Jack’s family. His wonderful mom made this pound cake and whipped cream from scratch.I wish that I had some right now, it was marvelous. 
Photo cred: Jack

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