Friday, March 13, 2015

5 on Friday the 13th | Are You Superstitious?


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TWO|A new Boyfriend
I picked up this Poplin Boyfriend Shirt a few weeks ago at Old Navy and LOVE it. It’s a perfect shirt to pack for my trip next week AND it’s on sale right for $20.00 + and extra 30% off Sale with code ONSAVE. I am thinking about getting the pink pin striped I’m a 4/6 and I ordered a small.

THREE|Chips and Salsa
This week some of my Life Group gals and I celebrated our birthday of our friend, Allison. We had dinner, drinks, and lot’s o chip and salsa at Cantina 1511.

FOUR|Season Finale- The Bachelor 2015
I absolutely love watching The Bachelor and have loved watching all 19 seasons of the show, owning it! I was so happy that Chris proposed to Whitney and think that they are going to have a wonderful life together. I was somewhat disappointed by the announcement of the “Never in Bachelor History”  of having two Bachelorettes. I thought it was going to be a dramatic twist at the end of the show where Chris did something crazy, but nope! It will be interesting to see what happens with the two bachelorettes, especially putting the 25 men on night one with the ultimate say about who they think will make the best wife.  The next show will premiere on May 18 on ABC. #willyouacceptthisrose

I am looking forward to spending time this weekend with Jack before I head out next week for Puerto Rico!?!

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