Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Have You Heard || How to Celebrate St. Patrick's Day 2015

Happy St. Patrick's Day!!! 

St. Patrick's Day is celebrated on March 17th and is a cultural and religious holiday named in honor of the patron saint of Ireland. It commemorates the arrival of Christianity in Ireland as well as Irish heritage and culture. It is not only  celebrated by the Irish, but also many people throughout the world. According to the U.S News & World Report, "A reported 127 million Americans plan to celebrate St. Patrick's Day this year, as a group more than 26 times the Republic of Ireland's total population plans to wear - and spend - some serious green."

Here is my list of How To Celebrate St. Patrick's Day 2015:

1. Wear something GREEN or get *pinched*
Now for this you can go all-out head to toe in green or wear something more subtle like a green shirt or green shamrock socks. If you don't wear green, beware you may get pinched. The thought of pinching someone for not wearing green started in the early 1700s when the holiday started being celebrated in the US. The thought was that if you wore green you were invisible to the Leprechauns, which was a good thing because Leprechauns pinched anyone they could see.

St. Patty's Day 2014
2. Add some Accessories
Jewelry, buttons, pins, headbands are all great ways to dress up your green. On St. Patrick's Day, nothing can be considered overdone. I think it would be fun to accessorize with something like this little Leprechaun Buddy
Party City

3. Learn some Irish words and sayings
Of course the Irish have their own words and sayings so if you want to sound like a true Paddy, try inserting some Hiberno-English into your conversation. Here are just a few you can try: 
  • "What's the craic?" (their version of "What's Up?"). Craic is an important word in Ireland what describes the enjoyment of an activity or event.
  • "Ah, now" (their version of "hey now") This saying expresses dismay at something and in this example is a playful one towards someone giving them a difficult time about something that is not really that bad.
  • Eejit (their version of idiot, but in a playful way). If someone does something silly you can comment "Ah, now ya big eejit!!"
4. Try Irish dancing
Irish dancing is a form of step dancing which is not only popular in Ireland but also all over the world. It is a fun way to burn calories. You can learn to Irish dance by attending formal classes, but if you are like me, you will just try to copy something from YouTube and have a fun time pretending you know what you're doing.


5. Drink Something Green!
Most bars and pubs love St. Patrick's Day {because it is one of the few holidays known for an increase in alcohol consumption} and will cater to customers with festive St. Patrick's Day themes. If green beer does not interest you check out the Shamrock Shake at McDonalds or make your own.

Whatever you do, have a wonderful St. Patrick's Day and don't forget to pinch those not wearing green!