Thursday, June 11, 2015

St. Martin Vacay || Part 2

After breakfast at The Green Monkey Bar and Grill we decided that to go check out the private beach. After multiple tries to get the gate open, we finally had a package delivery guy help us through. We drove the long road around the beach where there were massive houses/gates, but did not stop. We decided then to head to Pinel Island, a local spot where not many tourist visit. The island is a nature preserve and accessible by boat or perhaps a long swim. We chose option #1: Pinel Island via boat.
The day was a little overcast when we left the doc, but cloudy blue skies were ahead. Pinel Island was enjoyable and somewhat private. When we jumped off the boat Jack and I noticed a bunch of lizzards/iguanas and went to check them out. We enjoyed the beach for the entire day, with rain pouring down here and there, but it did not ruin our day.

For dinner we were headed to Mario’s Bistro. It was dark when we left our Villa and we mapped the exact amount of kilometers it would take to get from us to the restaurant.

When we got into the town of Margiot, where we though the place would be, there were people out and about and one guy kept following us around on a moped in circles and tapping on the car. We decided that tonight was not the night to search for the restaurant, and turned around. We ended up at an Italian place and honestly I was so hungry that I don’t even know what it was called.

For our last full day in St Martin, we headed to Mullet Bay. This day was the most gorgeous day we had while on our vacation. There was not a cloud in the sky and the water was so clear. Jack and I swam out a ways away from the beach and could still see the ocean floor. We also got to see multiple fish and fed them along with some other vacationers.

Since we had troubles the night before with finding the dinner spot, after leaving the beach we went to check out two places, the original Mario’s Bistro and Le Sand—which is where we ended up choosing to dine. Le Sand is an elite restaurant right on Nettle Bay Beach. We enjoyed open air seating with stunning views of the water and a gorgeous moon to top it all off. The chic d├ęcor mixed with the location and the haute cuisine menu combined to make this the perfect night to dine and celebrate our fantastic trip.

In the morning we packed up the cars and headed for lunch at 3 Amigos followed by some quick shopping and a last drive around the island. Sad, but it was time to leave.

I had such a marvelous time in St. Martin and I cannot wait to travel again soon!!

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