Wednesday, June 10, 2015

St. Martin Vacay || Part 1

Vacation, as it always should, was filled with fun, laughs, and relaxation. This trip to St. Martin was extra special because it would be the first time ever that Jack and I took a trip to somewhere via airplane + we were traveling with his family. When we flew in Jack and I loved how blue and clear the water was surrounding the island.

We stayed in a Villa in Terres Basses, which is on the French side of the Island. The Villa was picture-perfect, including our own pool and a beautiful view. The main house had an extremely open concept and had barely any walls on two sides.

Once we were settled into the house, we headed to grab late lunch at Rendezous Lounge and then to Le Grand Marché {grocery}, both in Porto Cupecoy. We decided to stay at the Villa and make appetizers, kabobs, and brats for dinner and enjoy the pool and sunset.

We woke early Sunday morning and headed off to the beach, any beach, we could find… which happened to be one of the most famous beaches on the island, Orient Beach. On the way we stopped for a bathroom break and Jack picked up sweet and sour gummy alligators, a perfect snack.

Orient Beach is one of the most popular and busiest beaches on the island.  The beach has natural beauty and I loved playing in the ocean and seeing fish swimming around. We rented chairsat  Kontiki Beach Bar and enjoyed Carib after Carib. Dr. G was our host from Kontiki and he made sure that we had an enjoyable time. We also met some ladies {pictured with Jack} who were hilarious! 

For dinner we enjoyed Fat Tony’s pizza and wings.

Vacations tend to get me really excited and I want to remember every aspect. If you want to hear more about our trip to St. Martin, stop back in on Thursday for part 2 of the recap.