Monday, February 9, 2015

Weekend | + 2015 Grammy's

The 2015 Grammy's last night were amazing. I loved all most of the performances and singing and dancing from the couch made for a fun Sunday night. While Sara, Jen, I watched we talking during the break about the new music video from Maroon 5 "Sugar". I had heard about it, but not actually seen the video. It was awesome and I think you should watch it too!

--my weekend-- 
I love SNAIL MAIL--- and handmade cards are the best
Giving Kids A Smile
Mellow Mushroom pizza-- even when they lose your take out order
Forest Hill Church 
Target / Trader Joe's / Chipotle
Sunflour Baking Company brunch with Sara and JKT
Sunshine days that are making it start to feel more and more like spring 
2015 Grammy's
Cinnamon Sugar Bagel with honey walnut cream cheese

Here's to Monday!!