Thursday, February 26, 2015

Thursday Thoughts with ETB

I think...

it’s time for me to get a new iPhone, its becoming hard to find an iPhone4 charger—thank you apple

where did February go? It’s almost March, which means spring forward… wahhh

snow days need to happen more often--- I LOVE when everyone gets out of their normal routine, slows down, and can play together outside thanks to the snow #lifemovestoofast

sparking / mineral water especially when in a wine glass makes me happy

booking my flight to Puerto Rico is getting me through the next few weeks #ineedavacation

being an adult is hard work, between bills, practices, meals, work, and everything else it is tough. Can someone tell me how to get it all done?

Ed Sheeran is AHHMazing. I don’t care what all you haters say #thinkingoutloud

Beautiful Things

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