Wednesday, August 19, 2015

You’ve Got Mail

There’s just something about opening the mail box and finding a letter or card that makes me so giddy. It must be something about the personal touch—that someone took time out of their day to think about finding the perfect card, writing the best message, purchasing the stamp, and taking it to the mail drop to be sent out – that makes it so special.

I absolutely LOVE when I open up box #204 and find “snail mail”. Recently, while my parents have been working on restoring/ renovating their new house, my mom has been sending me letters about what has gone on. It has been so special to receive these notes and laugh about what happened to my parents. She has written about the time when a hawk came down near our pond and tried to grab my dad’s hat off his head or the time that she found and old deed to a plot of land our family used to own.

I know it may sound silly and they could have just texted me about their daily lives—but that is just something that most people don’t do. Most people don’t chat about “normal” day to day stuff, instead people tend gossip about something crazy that has happened or just say happy birthday via Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.— boring.

It’s the heartfelt hand written letters and cards that I cherish. Here are just a few of my favorites:

I also enjoy sending out mail too-- especially because I get to use my personalized stamp from Three Designing Women (eBt above). I am always sure to have stamps nearby, in fact I carry post card stamps in my wallet because those are hard to find when traveling—owning it! And I have a box of cards (blank and the Hallmark kind) for whatever occasion right at my desk. You never know when you need to send a card to say Thank You or Happy Birthday and I think people should try to say it more—using Snail Mail. It’s wonderful medicine and can brighten even the worst of days.

Do you enjoy receiving snail mail?